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What Makes Bitrix24 an Amazing Tool for Businesses?

Project Management & Tasks

Remote Work Friendly

Whether you are a major software developer or a small law firm, you will have a blast running projects in Bitrix24 cause it’s super-easy and streamlined to the point of perfection.

Create workgroups, assign project roles, set tasks with deadlines, follow task updates via notifications, monitor work progress in real-time, and get reports from your teammates. Choose from a variety of project management methodologies (Kanban, Gantt chart, etc.) or simply organize tasks the way you want them.

For large teams, we have a time clock and shift schedule, which allow effective time management bringing order and stability into processes that tend to get chaotic.


Unlimited Collaboration.

Any Place, Any Time

It’s like Facebook, but for work. With Bitrix24, you can communicate with your colleagues and discuss projects via chats, comments, video calls and conferences. Want to share your thoughts on a particular task? Post them in the comments under that task. Got an idea you’d like to discuss with your team? Create a videoconference.

Every member of your team has a personalized Activity Stream where they can follow project updates, company news, and announcements. While working on a project, you can create, edit, and share files securely using our Bitrix24.Drive online cloud storage.


Your Company’s Revenue Machine

CRM is the jewel in the Bitrix24 crown, our most advanced, innovative, and comprehensive business tool. Besides the obvious (lead management), our CRM is jam-packed with customer support and marketing automation features.

Use sales funnel and pipeline management to streamline your sales process. Generate repeat sales and run marketing campaigns via Facebook, Google Ads, email, messengers, and other platforms. In our Sales Intelligence center, you can track and analyze all the actionable metrics from your marketing campaigns.

Basically, Bitrix24 can do almost anything when it comes to sales and marketing except… well, the selling itself. However, you will find that, with our CRM, selling products and working with customers is as easy and convenient as it gets.


Built to Impress

What if we told you that you could create a beautiful website from scratch, get a custom domain name and free hosting - all without having to write a single line of code? Well, “Bitrix24.Sites” gives you just that. And a bit more.

Create beautiful websites, SEO-friendly landing pages, and fully-functional online stores in less than 30 minutes using our website builder. Choose from dozens of industry-specific templates and customize them to your liking in our block-based editor.

Hook up your newly created e-shop to our CRM store and accept payments online. Manage your sales, product stock, and deliveries using our simple yet intuitive interface. It may sound like magic but that’s exactly what it is.


Contact Center.

Always in Touch

Communicating with customers is easy when you have a lot of tools to choose from. First and foremost, it’s our super-handy live chat, which you can enable for your website and interact with your customers 24/7 using our canned replies and smart routing system.

Second, it’s our online PBX and VoIP telephony, which turns your sales department into a full-fledged online call center. Inbound, outbound, call recording, IVR, and call routing are all available to you within Bitrix24.

Finally, it’s the social networks and messengers you can use to engage with your customers on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Skype, Telegram, Viber, and other platforms.

Bitrix24 Mobile App.

Complements and enhances the desktop version

Our mobile app compresses the Bitrix24 desktop experience into a nice and convenient format with all the fat trimmed. You can run projects, work with tasks, write in chats, make video calls, share files, manage working hours, and do pretty much anything you need to ensure the smooth workflow.

Bitrix24 On-Premise Edition

In addition to the cloud-based version, we also have an on-premise edition of Bitrix24. This means that you can host Bitrix24 on your own servers, which gives you full control over your data and who can access it. The selfhosted on-premise version grants you with direct access to the source code making it fully customizable to your liking.

On premise edition is a great choice for organizations that have 50 to 50,000 employees, with multi-department structure and strict data security requirements.